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This journal contains fan fiction, including stories with mature subject matter. If you wish to read those stories and you are of legal age, please leave a comment in the first entry; your comment will be screened so that no one but me can see it.

To protect the freedom of speech of all of us in the LiveJournal community, please do not put this journal on your friends list if you are legally underage. If you are unhappy about something you read in this journal, please take it up with me, not with the people who run LiveJournal. I would like to say that there is no material in here that could be construed as illegal, but because we live in a world where in certain areas, two adult men may not make love nor two women marry, I can't promise that you will not read something that you find objectionable by the standards of your country or your church. I can only insist that because I give you the courtesy of allowing you to read the stories, you give me in return the courtesy of using your backspace button rather than demanding censorship.

Material that is inappropriate for minors is labeled as such; if you may be offended by mature language or content, don't click on those links. Do not archive or repost any fiction from this journal on any web site or e-mail group. I know I can't stop people from forwarding stories to friends, but please keep all credits, acknowledgments, warnings and disclaimers attached.

Any media-based dialogue, art and fiction in this journal is not for profit and offered solely for the entertainment of others. No infringements upon anyone's copyrights are intended or claimed.

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